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Purchase in the PEI real estate market using the equity in your current home and retire to PEI with more money and a better lifestyle.

You can free up thousands of dollars of your current home equity by moving to PEI and investing in PEI real estate. PEI real estate is amongst the lowest priced property in Canada. You can sell a home almost anywhere else in Canada and move to PEI, purchasing a PEI home and depending on the equity you have built up in your current home either live mortgage free or use the money to invest either in conventional financial instruments or invest in a second property Read More +

Purchase a Cottage or Summer Home for rental when you and your family are not vacationing here or start a B&B

Business or Pleasure – It’s your Choice. The tourism industry here on PEI creates a PEI real estate investment opportunity that can be tailored to suit your goals and lifestyle. In both cases you are using your PEI real estate investment to provide accomodation for the million or so visitors that PEI receives annually. However these scenarios involve the purchase of quite vastly different PEI real estate and require very different levels of expertise and commitment. Probably the simplest choice when it comes to investing Read More +

Become a Landlord on PEI – purchase PEI real estate for use as rentals

Generating income and equity concurrently. Most PEI real estate purchasers are expecting a return on investment. This is usually in the form of a capital or equity gain as a direct result of the PEI real estate markets continued growth. It is expected that all real estate markets will continue to grow; however the PEI real estate market offers a unique balance between growth and security. Our properties may evaluate slightly slower than in ‘hotter’ markets but the PEI real estate market is also not Read More +