PEI Real Estate and the Family Home

Matching the needs of your family with the PEI real estate marketplace.

The purchase of a family home is by far the most important purchase you will make and certainly the biggest investment. PEI offers a great place to raise your family but PEI real estate also provides for a great long-term real estate investment and your PEI real estate purchase will represent a secure investment for you and your family in the future as well

When purchasing your new home the PEI real estate market offers choice of location, type of home, and price range. You should begin by determining your budget, that is how much money you can afford to pay monthly and then work back to determine the maximum price you can afford to pay for your new home and PEI real estate. Next you can puruse the listings to the right here based on the aspect of the PEI real estate market you have determined you can afford and also the area of PEI that you wish to settle in. Each area on PEI has a different feel, different homes and properties and represents a different perspective of the PEI real estate market. When deciding what PEI homes to shortlist you will take into consideration country vs city living, schools, community facilities and commuting costs.

The purchase of PEI real estate requires the involvement of a number of professionals in the real estate industry. Firstly you will most likely need a PEI realtor and Matt Mackay and the Century21 team have decades of experience that he/they can bring to your aid when negotiating a PEI real estate purchase. Your PEI realtor will take the list of ‘must-haves’ and ‘would-be-nice’ features that you will have made and with the help of the PEI MLS system complete your short-list of PEI real estate properties that you wish to visit. He/she will then arrange that you visit each PEI real estate property so that you get a first hand experience of the PEI homes that are in your budget. When you have decided on the PEI real estate listing on which you wish to make an offer your PEI realtor will write up your offer and present it to the vendors agent. The ensuing negotiation will be conducted with the help of your PEI realtor to a conclusion at which time you will have an accepted offer or fail to agree to terms.

Your PEI real estate contract will most likely include a clause allowing for a home inspection and if this stage shows no major deficiencies with the PEI real estate property that you have choosen you will move to closing. Closing involves calculating outstanding costs (such as oil in the tank, pre-paid taxes etc) and transfer of title. You will have a PEI lawyer work on this final step.

Your PEI home purchase is complete and you have just entered the PEI real estate and property market.

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